What is Boomtown?

Boomtown is a Boulder, Colorado, USA base 12-week startup accelerator program working with a selected group of promising startups to optimize, revolutionize, and accelerate their development and growth by combining a robust and customized educational curriculum, hands-on mentor network, extensive industry connections, and the hottest Demo Day in Boulder.

Boomtown gives $20k + our entire program, mentor network, investor exposure, $1.7MM+ in discounts and perks, demo day, and alumni status in exchange for 6% common stock equity – this doesn’t count as a funding round and thus doesn’t affect your valuation at all. The cash is merely a token amount to smooth your way as you go through the program.

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This application covers:

  • Boomtown Tech in Boulder, Colorado, USA (GT)
  • Boomtown Hardware and Connectivity in Boulder, Colorado, USA, in partnership with CableLabs (HWC)
  • Boomtown Real Estate Tech in Boulder, Colorado, USA (RE)
  • Boomtown HealthTech in Boulder, Colorado,USA (HT)

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